Power Step, Inc. has been producing the Power Step access system for mining shovels since 1982.  The system has become a standard at many mines as the primary operator and maintenance access system on shovels.  The Power Step provides a safer and more efficient means of access because it eliminates climbing.  It also allows operators and maintenance personnel the advantage of carrying materials and tools to and from working level.  It has been proven in all environmental extremes requiring minimal maintenance.  The Power Step remains in the up and locked position out of the way during machine operation, minimizing the potential for damage.


The Power Step has a self contained electro-hydraulic power unit.  Control switches, located at ground and deck levels, as well as on the step platform, allow for up and down operation from any location.  On shovels and hydraulic excavators the Step is mounted well within the swing radius, providing additional protection.


The Power Step has a record of proven reliability–some units have been in continuous use in excess of 20 years. Each unit is self-contained and designed for easy installation and maintenance.