Power Step, Inc. currently has access systems available for most dozers, including all Cat D9, D10 and D11 series machines, and Komatsu D375, D475.


The Power Step increases the safety of operators by eliminating the need to climb on push arms and tracks to cab level. It eliminates hazardous steps on irregular, slippery surfaces created by mud and ice buildup.


The Power Step is ruggedly designed and constructed and built to last in the mining environment. Control switches, located at ground and deck levels, as well as on the step platform, allow for up and down operation from any location.


During machine operation, the Power Step remains securely locked in the “up” position minimizing the possibility of damage. Each unit is self-contained and designed for easy installation and maintenance.


Also offered is a ladder version access system for Cat D10, D11, and now D9 machines.  For more information, contact