Power Step, Inc. offers a solution to safety and maintenance problems associated with lower steps on haul trucks.  The Powered Truck Step system allows safer and more efficient access to the operating level.


  • Unlike cable and belt-mounted lower steps, the Power Step system is a natural extension of existing diagonal stairways.  It allows easy and safe access for operators, especially when carrying items to the cab.  It provides a comfortable 45 degree stairway access to bumper level.  Maintenance personnel also realize the added safety benefit and time savings in getting supplies and equipment to and from working level when using the Power Step system.


  • The Powered Truck Step access system is ruggedly designed and built to last in the mining environment.


  • Easy fingertip electrical controls provide smooth up and down operation of the Step.  Control switches are located at ground and bumper levels.


  • During machine operation, the Step remains securely latched in the up position, eliminating possible damage.


  • Each unit is self-contained and designed for easy installation.  Most components can be changed out in minutes.


Power Step, Inc. offers a full line of Power Step lower stair systems for haul trucks used in the mining and construction industries.  We currently have models available for many Cat, Komatsu, Terex, and Liebherr trucks.  We also offer custom units for special applications.