Hydraulic Excavators

Power Step, Inc. has available numerous Power Step models for large hydraulic excavators including Cat, Hitachi, Komatsu, Liebherr, and O&K.  As with shovels, all are designed to allow personnel to ride safely to and from deck level on the machines, eliminating potential hazards associated with climbing.  They are also used extensively by maintenance personnel in getting materials an equipment to and from working level.


Power Steps have been in continuous use on hydraulic excavators for over 20 years. Their reliability has been proven in all types of environmental extremes.


Most hydraulic excavator applications use a 24V self-contained hydraulic power unit which is connected to the machine battery. Control switches are located at ground and deck levels, as well as on the step platform.


During machine operation the Power Step remains locked in the “up” positon minimizing possible damage.  All Power Steps are located well within the swing radius on the machines, minimizing possible damage.


Each unit is self-contained and designed for easy installation.