Depending on machine configuration and customer preference, Power Step has various options available for access systems on draglines.  Both are designed to replace the side of the show vertical ladder system commonly found on draglines.


  • With the first option, a shovel-type Power Step system can be used.  This system is used to provide access directly to the cab level on the dragline.


  • The second option is the new show access system for large draglines.  This system is designed to provide access from ground level to the top of the shoe.  This system can be used on either side of the machine.


  • Hydraulic power for the Shoe Step can be provided either by our standard 12VDC system with a battery and charging circuit, or the optional 115VAC system with low voltage control circuitry.


All systems have control switches located at ground and cab levels.  A proximity switch is included on the step to provide a signal to prevent machine rotation when it is down.